Brought to you by Kim West, "The Sleep Lady®."

With our proven, gentle method (customizable for ANY family), you will successfully navigate this stage without the fights and frustration WHILE empowering your child to learn with pride and confidence!

Introducing the FIRST potty course that gives you easy-to-follow videos, on-demand resources, and an option to work 1:1 with our Certified Gentle Potty Coaches!

Walk away feeling 100% prepared to start potty training your child.

*FYI, we don’t love the phrase ‘potty train.’ We only ever use it because that’s the term most people recognize. We prefer potty learning or potty coaching because that's more accurate. Instead of forcing, bribing, or fighting -- you're teaching your child a brand-new skill!

"This course gave me options based on my son's temperament ... and in 7 days my son was fully potty trained without ever having to bribe him."


⭐️ Maybe you've unsuccessfully tried to potty train your child...

⭐️ Maybe you've got a daycare deadline or family vacation and NEED your child to be out of diapers by then.

⭐️ Maybe you're feeling guilty or judged your child is still in diapers..

⭐️ Maybe you know, given your child's temperament, that a 1-3 day potty training approach will (or has) resulted in a battle of wills and tears...

⭐️ Maybe you want to avoid the nightmares you've heard from other parents...

⭐️ Maybe ...you just don’t want to do this alone!

No matter where you are on this journey, you need a compassionate solution that works -- no matter what!

You want a method that avoids bribing and shaming your children in an endless
power struggle with months of accidents and frustration for you and your little one.

And it needs to be 100% respectful, gentle, and easily
adaptable for ANY child, family situation, or schedule.

Both you and your child should feel fully supported
crossing this important milestone...

...Thankfully, you are in the right place!


The Gentle Potty Coaching Course

Our mission is to give parents a realistic, respectful, and effective method that aligns with their positive parenting style.

You can potty coach your child in as little as 3 days or up to just 2 weeks, depending on their temperament, your schedule, and everyone’s level of preparation!



  • Perfect for families JUST starting their potty journey.
  • 6-month Access to Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials. We cover the most common concerns: child readiness, modeling, nighttime potty learning, navigating power struggles, and more!
  • A Customizable Potty Coaching Plan. Our tutorials will walk you through an assessment to create a custom potty learning plan for your child's and family's needs
  • An on-demand library of evidence-based resources



  • Perfect for families who have tried potty training and need extra support for success.
  • Everything in the DIY Video Course!
  • One 45 min private consultation (held via video or phone call) with an expert Gentle Potty Coach to review your Potty Plan, answer your questions, troubleshoot issues, and address everything needed to succeed!
  • The option to purchase additional 1:1 support as needed!
  • Extra deep-dive videos:
    1. Poop Problems such as holding in poop and won't poop on potty
    2. Handling Regressions
    3. When and how to take a break

Praise from Parents


"I loved how the Gentle Potty Method worked for my 3-year-old who had been struggling for over a year with potty training. The course is filled with tools that helped us navigate the stress and struggle that potty training had become. I would recommend this course to everyone before they even think about potty training."



"I had no idea even where to start helping my little one learn to use the potty. There is so much information out there and I just felt confused and overwhelmed. This course gave me options based on my son's temperament that made sense, was practical, and in 7 days my son was fully potty trained without ever having to bribe him."

- Emma


"Potty training was something that we DREADED as a family, with my 2 older ones it had been long and hard. I knew I wanted something that worked fast and effectively but that didn’t get us stuck in long drawn-out battles…and, did not tell me I had to stay locked in the house for 4 days. The plan was flexible and worked around my family's needs. I would recommend it to everyone."



"My daughter was very resistant to the potty from the beginning and he started didn’t want anything to do with it. We tried everything! Nothing Worked… then a friend suggested the Gentle Potty Course and I immediately felt like I could relax because I finally had step-by-step help. In 9 days my daughter was potty trained fully!"

- Chris

So... Which Program is For Me?

If you haven’t started potty training? Either one! Many families choose
the DIY path first and see success right away.

If you HAVE tried potty training... but have experienced any of the following 👇
we suggest adding the 1:1 consult!

🚽 My child holds in their pee or poop until they get a diaper

🚽 I have tried bribes and rewards, and they didn’t work.

🚽 I have gone back to diapers because it’s been hard and stressful.

🚽 I’m stuck, desperate, and don’t know how to move forward

🚽 I’m on a timeline, and nothing is working!

🚽 I feel like a failure because my child is still in diapers

🚽 I just want someone to tell me what to do!

Our certified coaches are highly-trained experts who have each worked with dozens of families and will know how to help you and your child easily move through this milestone!



Considering a single pack of diapers or training pants is about $30...

...I’d say so!

(That doesn't even factor in saving time, frustration, and stress!)


For over 25 years, Kim West, a family therapist and child development expert, has been known as The Sleep Lady®, helping over 20,000 tired parents worldwide and certifying hundreds of Sleep Coaches in her method.

So many parents asked Kim (and her coaches) to create the same proven, gentle approach to potty training... So she did!


Alexis Granelli (Gentle Sleep Coach & Positive Discipline Parent Educator). Alexis became one of Kim's first Gentle Potty Coaches after a horrible experience with potting training her daughter. She tried using one of the most popular bootcamp methods that promised results in 2 days...

...But it was a complete disaster.
She knew there HAD to be a better way.

It became apparent MORE parents needed access to a gentle approach that WORKS.

Kim asked Alexis to help create a DIY COURSE so they could reach parents in a bigger way, and she resoundingly said YES!

Now, Alexis will be your trusted guide throughout this program!


Get complete potty peace of mind for only $47

And the chance to upgrade with a 1:1 potty consult and more troubleshooting videos!

Potty train without the pain. ❤️



We are confident in our respectful, empowering and effective potty learning methods, and we KNOW that we can help you coach your child.

If within 5 days you’ve gone through the course and it's not what you were expecting, we will send you a full refund of your purchase price.

(No refund will be given AFTER a coach consultation has been scheduled, even within 5 days.)


Let’s make this milestone one of growth, enrichment, and celebration!


Since no two children are alike, other available methods for potty training will not work for every child. Our method is designed to work with your child's unique personality and ability so you can meet them where they are at and support their style of learning this new skill.

This course is designed for children 18 months up to 4 years old. Before that, typically, children do not have the developmental skills for potty readiness. However, it's never too early to prepare!

Absolutely! If you are doing gentle potty learning at home but not at your daycare facility, this process may take a bit longer, but it’s possible for your child.

You will have access to the video modules for 6 months, which should be plenty of time to develop a comprehensive potty learning plan and implement it!

We would pair you with one of our Certified Gentle Potty Coaches. These are highly trained experts who work 1:1 with families every day. This is an opportunity to get personalized support from a true professional for a fraction of what it would typically cost!